Waveform Database Software Package (WFDB) for Python 4.1.0

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# The WFDB Python Package


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## Introduction

A Python-native package for reading, writing, processing, and plotting physiologic signal and annotation data. The core I/O functionality is based on the Waveform Database (WFDB) [specifications](https://github.com/wfdb/wfdb-spec/).

This package is heavily inspired by the original [WFDB Software Package](https://www.physionet.org/content/wfdb/), and initially aimed to replicate many of its command-line APIs. However, the projects are independent, and there is no promise of consistency between the two, beyond each package adhering to the core specifications.

## Documentation and Usage

See the [documentation site](http://wfdb.readthedocs.io) for the public APIs.

See the [demo.ipynb](https://github.com/MIT-LCP/wfdb-python/blob/main/demo.ipynb) notebook file for example use cases.

## Installation

The distribution is hosted on PyPI at: <https://pypi.python.org/pypi/wfdb/>. The package can be directly installed from PyPI using either pip or poetry:

pip install wfdb
poetry add wfdb

On Linux systems, accessing _compressed_ WFDB signal files requires installing `libsndfile`, by running `sudo apt-get install libsndfile1` or `sudo yum install libsndfile`. Support for Apple M1 systems is a work in progess (see <https://github.com/bastibe/python-soundfile/issues/310> and <https://github.com/bastibe/python-soundfile/issues/325>).

The development version is hosted at: <https://github.com/MIT-LCP/wfdb-python>. This repository also contains demo scripts and example data. To install the development version, clone or download the repository, navigate to the base directory, and run:

# Without dev dependencies
pip install .
poetry install

# With dev dependencies
pip install ".[dev]"
poetry install -E dev

# Install the dependencies only
poetry install -E dev --no-root

**See the [note](https://github.com/MIT-LCP/wfdb-python/blob/main/DEVELOPING.md#package-and-dependency-management) about dev dependencies.**

## Developing

Please see the [DEVELOPING.md](https://github.com/MIT-LCP/wfdb-python/blob/main/DEVELOPING.md) document for contribution/development instructions.

## Citing

When using this resource, please cite the software [publication](https://physionet.org/content/wfdb-python/) on PhysioNet.