Samples of MR Images 1.0.0

File: <base>/reformat-dicom (738 bytes)
#! /bin/sh
# file: reformat-dicom        G. Moody        17 August 2001
# This script uses 'convert' to reformat a multi-frame DICOM input file into
# two alternate representations.  'convert' is part of ImageMagick, included
# in many Linux distributions and freely available for many other platforms
# (including Unix, MacOS, and MS-Windows) from

case $# in
 1) IFILE=$1 ;;
 *) echo -n "Enter the name of the DICOM file to be converted: "
    read IFILE ;;

# Extract the ID from the input file name.
ID=`basename $1 .dcm`

# Create an animated GIF from a multi-frame DICOM input file.
convert -loop 0 $1 $ID.gif

# Split the input file into a set of single-frame PNG files.
convert $1 $ID%03d.png