ECGSYN - A realistic ECG waveform generator 1.0.0

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The files in this directory illustrate <tt>ECGSYN</tt> output obtained using
its default settings.  The files <tt>ecgsyn.dat</tt> and <tt>rr.dat</tt> are
created by <tt>ECGSYN</tt> itself.

<tt>ecgsyn.dat</tt> is a text file, which contains three columns:
<li> the time in seconds
<li> the ECG amplitude in millivolts
<li> markers to indicate the locations of the waveform peaks:
<tr><td>0</td><td>(no peak)</td></tr>
<tr><td>1</td><td>Top of P-wave</td></tr>
<tr><td>3</td><td>Peak of R-wave</td></tr>
<tr><td>5</td><td>Peak of T-wave</td></tr>

<tt>rr.dat</tt> is also a text file, containing (in one column) a series of
inter-beat (RR) intervals in seconds.

The files <tt>syn.hea</tt> and <tt>syn.dat</tt> are PhysioBank (WFDB) format
header and signal files created from the <tt>ECGSYN</tt> output by:
    wrsamp -F 256 -o syn -x 200 1 &lt;ecgsyn.dat
These files can be read using any of the available
<a href="/physiotools/wag/">WFDB applications</a>.

The file <tt>ecgsyn.png</tt> (shown below) was created from the
first 4.5 seconds of <tt>ecgsyn.dat</tt>, using
<a href="/physiotools/plt/">plt</a>:

     plt ecgsyn.dat 0 1 -xa 0 4.5 -t "ECGSYN output" \
       -x "Time (s)" -y "ECG Amplitude (mV)" -T lw | \
     lwcat -png &gt;ecgsyn.png

<center><img src="ecgsyn.png" alt="[ECGSYN output]"></center>