Notes on the fifth edition (revised)

This edition contains updated figures, additional tutorial material, and revisions to reflect recent changes in WAVE .

The previous release of the WAVE User's Guide announced the GTKWave project, intended to replace the XView-based WAVE with a new implementation based on the GTK+ toolkit. We have redirected our efforts to the original XView-based WAVE since it is now available for all of the popular platforms, while the GTK 1.x project for MS-Windows that inspired development of GTKWave has been abandoned.

A recent flurry of activity has given new life to the venerable XView toolkit, an open source implementation of the Open Look GUI that WAVE has used since version 1. Notably, XView has been ported to Mac OS X (by Logan Donaldson of York University in Toronto) and to MS-Windows (by Isaac Henry of PhysioNet). As a result, WAVE is now available on these platforms in addition to GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Meanwhile, an outstanding source of XView documentation has been made available by O'Reilly's Open Books Project (, which provides free on-line copies of the previously unpublished Open Look User's Guide (originally planned as Volume 3 of O'Reilly's X Window System Series), the XView Programming Manual (the out-of-print Volume 7A of the same series), and the XView Reference Manual (Volume 7B, also long out of print).

Isaac Henry has also provided hooks for using a mouse's scroll wheel within XView, and future versions of WAVE will take advantage of this feature where available.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
June, 2002
revised June, 2005

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