Notes on the fourth edition

This interim edition of the WAVE User's Guide is a lightly edited revision of the third edition, changed to reflect the renaming of the WFDB Software Package (formerly known as the DB Software Package) and the related name changes. There have been modest changes in WAVE itself over the past three years (most obviously to the casual user, the main control panel is considerably streamlined to allow more space for the signal window; the illustrations in this edition do not reflect this, however). A substantial revision of this guide, with new illustrations, will be available shortly.

WAVE is now free software! It is now part of the WFDB Software Package. The WFDB library sources are now available under the LGPL, and the remainder of the WFDB Software Package, including the sources for WAVE , is under the GPL.

As always, I am grateful for reports of any errors or omissions in this guide, and for your comments and suggestions about WAVE .

Cambridge, Massachusetts
May, 1999

George B. Moody (