A Cardiovascular Simulator for Research 1.0.0

File: <base>/INSTALL (3,116 bytes)
Under Linux:

If you have not installed the WFDB software package and WAVE, then

1. Install the World Wide Web Consortium's libwww library (you will need both
   the library itself and the developer's package;  download them from
   http://www.physionet.org/physiotools/libwww/, or from the W3C's web site
   at http://www.w3.org/Library).  You may skip this step if you don't want
   support for reading input files from remote web and FTP servers.  See
   README.NETFILES for further information about this option.

2. Install the XView library (see http://www.physionet.org/physiotools/xview/)
   if you want to use WAVE, and be sure that the directory that contains the
   XView application 'textedit' (usually /usr/openwin/bin) is in your PATH.
   For information about WAVE, see the WAVE User's Guide,

   WAVE uses Netscape (or another web browser, if you've made the appropriate
   changes in waverc/Makefile) for some of its on-line help.  Copy the
   contents of http://www.physionet.org/physiotools/wug/ into
   /usr/local/help/html/wug if you wish to read the help from local files;
   otherwise, edit wave/wave.info and change all occurrences of
   '/usr/local/help/html/' into 'http://www.physionet.org/physiotools/wug/'.
   (The utility 'wget' -- which you can find with a web search -- can be
   helpful if you wish to copy an entire directory of a web site, as suggested

If you have already installed the WFDB software package and WAVE and
are running Redhat 6.2 or greater, then

3. Install the RCVSIM software by typing in this directory as root: ./install

4. Uninstall the RCVSIM software, by typing in this directory as root: ./uninstall

If you have already installed the WFDB software package and WAVE and
are running Redhat 6.1 or lower or any other Linux distribution (e.g.,
Suse, Debian), then

5. Acquire and install the libc5 libraries and old dynamic linker, if not
   already installed.  These libraries and linker may possibly be obtained
   from rpmfind.net and will not effect the performance of your system.
   Please see:



6. Then, install/uninstall the RCVSIM software according to Steps 3. and 4.

Under other platforms in which WAVE is fully supported (e.g., Solaris,

Implement Steps 1 and 2 (if necessary) and acquire and install the
libc5 libraries and the appropriate dynamic linker (if necessary).
Then, compile the software (see README file), and implement Steps 3/4.

(Note 1: Compilation requires MATLAB and its compiler (version 1.2).)

(Note 2: Before Steps 3/4 are implemented, the install and uninstall
         files in the current directory need to be slightly modified
	 in order to include the different mex binary file name that
	 results from compiling on a platform different from Linux.
	 For example, if compilation is achieved on the Solaris
	 platform, simulate.mexlx in install and uninstall needs to
	 be replace with simulate.mexsol.)