Puka - Software for Detection of Breaths in Strain Gauge Recordings 1.0.0

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Last saved 5 October 2004
data management and analysis overview

1. Installation
   a. install puka following the instructions in pukaManual.doc
   b. install SubDB following the instructions in subDBmanual.doc
   c. make a database following the instructions in \makeANewDatabase\how to make a new database.txt
   d. configure both programs to match the clips and subject types in your experiment (make
      preferences.txt and subjectDataConfig.txt)
2. Data Entry
   a. convert all data to plain text using AcqKnowledge
   b. use SubDB to enter the subject id codes, session dates, and session data
   c. use puka to derive the heart beat and/or respiration times, saved into the database
3. Data Analysis
   a. fill the calcEKG and calcResp tables in the database using R following the code in
   b. use R and SQL commands to calculate the desired statistics.  The code in Rcode may help to serve as a guide.