plt - Software for 2D Plots 2.5

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file: 00README			G. Moody	 3 April 2001
				Last revised:	25 April 2005

The most recent version of 'plt' is always freely available from PhysioNet

`plt' is a non-interactive plotting utility originally written for Unix by Paul
Albrecht.  `plt' can produce publication-quality 2D plots in PostScript from
easily-produced text or binary data files under Unix, Linux, MacOS/X, or
MS-Windows.  These can be printed directly on a PostScript printer, or they
can be viewed on-screen or printed on a wide variety of non-PostScript printers
using GhostScript.  `plt' can also produce screen plots under any version of
Unix, Linux, MacOS/X or MS-Windows, if an X Window System server is running.
`plt' is free software, available under the terms of the GNU Public License
(GPL); see `COPYING' for details.

The `src' directory contains sources for `plt', its X11 and PostScript drivers,
and its auxiliary programs.

The `doc' directory contains the `plt Tutorial and Cookbook' in ready-to-print
PDF and LaTeX source format, as well as data and format files for a large
number of examples that may be helpful as models for your own plots.  You may
also read the `plt Tutorial and Cookbook' by pointing your web browser to
`index.html' in the `html' directory (note, however, that the translation from
LaTeX source to HTML format was done with an automatic translator, and the
formatting is not perfect).

The `misc' directory contains several small programs that are useful together
with `plt', including `pltf' (which can plot functions of a single variable
expressed in symbolic form).

Older versions of `plt' also included drivers for a variety of mostly obsolete
graphics terminals and plotters.  These drivers are still available in the
`classic' directory, but they are no longer maintained and lack many of the
features of the X11 and PostScript drivers.

For instructions on compiling and installing `plt', read `INSTALL'.

For information about using `plt', read `QUICKSTART'.

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