MIT-BIH Noise Stress Test Database 1.0.0

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file: nstdb.doc		G. Moody	August 1992

Copyright (C) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1992.  All rights reserved.

This directory contains the second edition of the MIT-BIH Noise Stress Test
Database.  The directory includes noise records (`bw', `em', and `ma') that may
be added to ECG records by `nst' to create noise stress test records.  It also
contains 12 sample noise stress test records generated by `nst', by adding `em'
noise to MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database records 118 and 119.  File `nstdbgen' is
the UNIX shell script that was used to generate the sample records.  For
convenience, reference annotation files are included here; all are copies of
the original reference annotation files for records 118 and 119.  The
signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) during the noisy segments of these records are:

	Record	SNR (dB)	Record	SNR (dB)

	118e24	24		119e24	24 
	118e18	18		119e18	18
	118e12	12		119e12	12
	118e06	 6		119e06	 6
	118e00	 0		119e00	 0
	118e_6	-6		119e_6	-6

The records with SNRs of 0 and -6 dB are written in format 16, since the sample
values occasionally exceed the 12-bit range enforced by format 212 (used for
the other records in this directory).

The directory `old' contains the first edition of the MIT-BIH Noise Stress Test
Database, reproduced here for the sake of completeness.  Unless you wish to
repeat an experiment based on the first edition, use the records in this

For further information about:		see:

 these records				`../readme.doc'

 signal-to-noise ratio,			the ECG Database Applications Guide,
  and `nst'				  or `../src/db/doc/nst.1'

 testing noise tolerance of		the ECG Database Applications Guide
  arrhythmia detectors		 	 or `../src/db/doc/eval.tex'

 signal file formats			the ECG Database Applications Guide
					  or `../src/db/doc/signal.5'

 the first edition of			`old/oldnstdb.doc'
  this database