Long Term ST Database 1.0.0

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Creation of the Long-term ST Database has been supported with dedication and
enthusiasm by many engineers, cardiologists, Holter technicians, and laboratory
assistants at research institutions around the world. We gratefully
acknowledge their contributions. In particular, we wish to thank: 

Members of the Research Group working on the joint U.S.-Slovenian
research project (1995-1998) sponsored by the U.S.-Slovenian joint funds
secretariat: <em>G. Antolic, B. Glavic, F. Jager</em> (principal investigator),
<em>R.G. Mark, G.B.  Moody, A. Smrdel, M. Skrjanc,</em> and
<em>M. Zabukovec</em>, who demonstrated the importance of the problem of
automatic differentiation of transient ischemic ST segment episodes from
non-ischemic ST events in long-term ambulatory records, and developed an
initial Long-Term ST Database containing eleven ambulatory ECG records with
annotated transient ischemic and non-ischemic ST episodes.

Funders of the project of development of the Long-Term ST Database:
<em>S. Nelson, R. Stadler,</em> and <em>L. Stylos</em> of Medtronic, Inc.,
and <em>D. Feild</em> of Zymed, Inc. (now at Philips Medical Systems, Oxnard)
for their sincere interest in further development of the Long-Term ST Database
and their additional financial support (1997 - 2001).

Experts who carefully selected, digitized, and contributed long-term ECG
recordings and the associated clinical reports:

    Eleven 2-channel records of the initial Long-Term ST Database
    selected and digitized at the Beth Israel Hospital, Boston
    (<em>G. Antolic, F.Jager</em>, and <em>R.G. Mark</em>).

    Ten 2-channel records from the collection originally gathered by the
    group of the CNR Institute for Clinical Physiology, Pisa, for the
    <a href="/physiobank/database/edb">European ST-T Database</a>, which
    contains 2-hour excerpts of these same recordings (<em>M. Emdin, C.
    Marchesi, A. Taddei,</em> and <em>M. Varanini</em>).

    Twenty-one 2-channel records from the Brigham and Women's Hospital,
    Boston, (<em>G. McCallum</em> and <em>P. Stone</em>).

    Twenty 2-channel records from the CNR Institute for Clinical Physiology,
    Pisa, (<em>M. Emdin, A. Taddei,</em> and <em>M. Varanini</em>).

    Six 2-channel records from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
    Boston, (<em>R.G. Mark</em> and <em>D. Perry</em>).

    Eighteen 3-channel records from the Zymed company (<em>D. Feild</em> and
    <em>S. Stevens</em>).

A group of experts who contributed preprocessing software to derive diagnostic
and morphology feature-vector time-series, developed software to manage signal,
utility and annotation files of the Database, and developed annotation editing
graphic interfaces: <em>R. Dorn, B. Glavic, F. Jager, G.B. Moody,
A. Smrdel,</em> and <em>M. Zabukovec</em>.

Members of the Working Group for their significant contributions to the
realization of the Database: <em>G. Antolic, M. Emdin, D. Feild, F. Jager, R.G.
Mark, G.B. Moody, A. Smrdel, R. Stadler, and A. Taddei</em>.  They set the
definition of the final annotation protocol for transient ischemic ST segment
episodes and a variety of non-ischemic ST segment events, selected relevant
records for annotating, and designed and balanced the Database.

A critical group of expert clinicians (whose opinions and decisions were the
gold standard for annotating transient ischemic and non-ischemic ST segment
changes), who performed the task of ST annotating using the SEMIA annotating
tool at their sites and during six joint meetings (<em>G. Antolic, M.
Emdin,</em> and <em>R.G. Mark</em>); and a group of engineers (<em>R. Dorn,
D. Feild, F. Jager, G.B. Moody, A. Smrdel, R. Stadler,</em> and
<em>A. Taddei</em>) who provided essential technical support during annotation

A group of experts who meticulously scanned and edited the Holter records to
provide individual QRS annotations: <em>F. Jager, R.G. Mark, D. Perry</em>, and
<em>S. Stevens.</em>

A group that produced documentation of the Database including trend plots, and
software to generate the documentation: <em>F. Jager, R.G. Mark, G.B. Moody,
K. Pierce,</em> and <em>A. Smrdel</em>.

A group that managed signal and annotation files of the Database at different
sites: <em>S. Bordigiago, I. Henry, G.B. Moody, R. Mukkamala, A. Smrdel, A.
Taddei, M. Varanini,</em> and <em>W. Zong</em>; and <em>F. Jager</em> for his continuous
contributions to the realization of the Database by preprocessing the records,
arranging and coordinating work of the annotators, fine tuning the Database,
reviewing and verifying the ST annotations of the Database for consistency, and
coordinating preparation of the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM versions of the Database.

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