ECG Effects of Ranolazine, Dofetilide, Verapamil, and Quinidine 1.0.0

File: <base>/SCR-002.Clinical.Data.Description.txt (1,915 bytes)
Column			Description
EGREFID			Unique ECG ID (same as file name)
RANDID			Subject Randomization number
SEX			Sex either M (Male) or F (Female)
AGE			Age in years at screening
HGHT			Height in cm at screening
WGHT			Weight in kg at screening
SYSBP			Baseline systolic blood pressure in mmHg (across visits)
DIABP			Baseline diastolic blood pressure in mmHg (across visits)
RACE			Race as provided
ETHNIC			Ethnicitiy as provided
ARMCD			Sequence of treatments using treatment codes (A: Ranolazine, B: Dofetilide, C: Verapamil, D: Quinidine, E: Placebo)
VISIT			Visit code, PERIOD-X-Dosing refers to the X'th dosing
EXTRT			Treatment
EXDOS			Dose of treatment
EXDOSU			Unit of dose
TPT			Nominal time-point, relative to dose. ECGs from the same nominal time-point or triplicate have same time-point
BASELINE		Baseline Y/N
PCTEST			Pharmacokinetic test
PCSTRESN		Measured concentration or missing if no measurement were performed, this is the case for baseline. As only one sample were performed for each nominal time-point the value is repeated for all ECGs
PCSTRESU		Units of measured concentration
EGREFID			Unique ECG id. ECGs are stored within the zipfiles as follows: randid/egrefid.ecg
RR			RR interval in ms
PR			PR interval in ms
QT			QT interval in ms
QRS			QRS interval in ms
JTPEAK			J-Tpeak interval in ms (from end of QRS to the first peak of the T-wave)
TPEAKTEND		Tpeak-Tend interval in ms (from the first peak of the T-wave to the end of the T-wave)
TPEAKTPEAKP		Interval between the two peaks of the T-wave (if secondary peak is present in the T-wave) in ms
ERD_30			30% of early repolarization duration in ms
LRD_30			30% of late repolarization duration in ms
Twave_amplitude		Amplitude of the T-wave measured in the vector magnitude lead in uV
Twave_asymmetry		T-wave asymmetry score (dimensionless units)
Twave_flatness		T-wave flatness score (dimensionless units)