Detecting and Quantifying Apnea Based on the ECG: The PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2000 1.0.0

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x01 A
x02 A
x03 B
x04 C
x05 A
x06 C
x07 A
x08 A
x09 A
x10 B
x11 B
x12 B
x13 A
x14 A
x15 A
x16 B
x17 C
x18 C
x19 A
x20 A
x21 A
x22 C
x23 A
x24 C
x25 A
x26 A
x27 A
x28 A
x29 C
x30 A
x31 A
x32 A
x33 C
x34 C
x35 C