Wide-field calcium imaging sleep state database 1.0.1

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Wide-field calcium imaging sleep staging database

1. File types: .mat file

2. (a) Each mouse is named with folder Ms1, Ms2, ... 
   (b) Each recording segments is ordered in fc1, fc2, ...

3. Three variables in MsX/MsX_fcX.mat:
(a) data: GCAMP recordings containing consecutive 10s epochs of size [128, 128, 168, #epochs], each 10s epoch has 168 frames.
(b) scoringindex_file: 1D scoring vectors, 0=wake, 1=NREM, 2=Artifacts, 3=REM
(c) xform_mask: brain mask defining the brain tissue within FOV

4. Two variables in atlas.mat:
(a) AtlasSeed: the 2D atlas matrix
(b) parcelnames: names of corresponding parcels in AtlasSeed