BIDMC PPG and Respiration Dataset 1.0.0

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The BIDMC dataset contains modified versions of PhysioNet files. The modified files are distributed under the terms for distribution of modified data files listed at: .

 The following modifications have been made:

 - Waveform, numerics and fixed data (such as age) were downloaded from the PhysioNet MIMIC II matched waveform database. 8-min segments of data were extracted for each of the 53 ICU stays included in the BIDMC dataset.

 - The data were imported into Matlab. Two annotators manually annotated breaths using the impedance signal. These manual breath annotations were included in the dataset.

 - The dataset was then exported from Matlab in three formats: Matlab (r) format, in a manner which is a compatible with the RRest Toolbox of respiratory rate algorithms; (ii) CSV format; (iii) WFDB format.

 Further details of the dataset are provided in the accompanying ReadMe file.