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<h2>Preparing your entry</h2>

Your entry needs to be prepared in a special text format, which depends on
the event you are entering:

<li> For event 1 (Apnea Screening), download this <a
and replace the '?' characters with your classifications ('A', 'B', or 'C')
for the 35 records in the test set (records x01-x35).

<li> For event 2 (Quantification of Apnea), download this <a
and replace the '?' characters with your annotations ('A' or 'N') for each
minute during each of the 35 records in the test set.

There are also templates for submitting results from the training set (records
a01-a20, b01-b05, and c01-c10) for <a
href="template-training-1">event 1</a>
and <a
2</a>, so that you can obtain unofficial scores for these records as well.
Awards will be made on the basis of results from the test set (records x01-x35)

If you have prepared annotation files in the same format as the <tt>*.apn</tt>
files provided with the training set, you can download this <a
(in C source form, to be compiled with the <a href="/physiotools/wfdb.shtml">
WFDB library</a>) that can convert them to the format of either of these

<h2>Submitting your entry for scoring</h2>

Please double-check your entry before submitting it to be sure it is in
<strong>plain text</strong> format, exactly like the template files.
<em>HTML-formatted entries will confuse the automated scorer and will not be

To submit your entry successfully, you will need:

<li> A web browser that supports HTTP uploads, such as Netscape 2.0 or
 later, or MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.

<li> A valid e-mail address that is known to us.  Please
 <a href="/register.shtml">sign in</a> before submitting your entry.
 (If you signed in on a previous visit, you do not need to sign in again.)
 All entries are logged by date, time, and the e-mail address of the

 <b>Important:</b>  Your score will be sent by e-mail to the address you
 specify.  Please be sure that your e-mail address is entered correctly,
 or you won't be able to view your score.

<li> A password.  If you don't yet have a password, or if you
 have forgotten your password, go to the entry form (see below), fill
 in only your e-mail address, click on the "Get password" button, and a
 password will be sent to your e-mail address immediately.

After filling in your e-mail address and password on the 
<a>entry form [link disabled]</a>,
enter the name of the file that contains your correctly-formatted entry
(you may use the <b>Browse</b> button to find it), indicate which
event you wish to enter, which data set you are submitting results for,
and click on <b>Upload entry</b>.

(If you wish to enter both events, you may do so, but you will need to
submit your entry twice, once in each format, in this case.)

If you are tempted to try submitting many entries in order to learn about
the correct classifications, why not <a
target="other">play MasterMind instead?</a>  Delivery of your score may be
delayed if you submit more than one entry per event per day.

UNIX versions of Netscape, and possibly other browsers, will allow the
user to specify a directory name in the <b>File to upload</b> field of the
entry form, but the browser will not transmit anything in this case and will
hang until the user interrupts it by clicking on <b>Stop</b>.  This behavior
is a bug in the browser and cannot be detected or avoided by the PhysioNet web
server.  Other browsers will detect and disallow attempts to upload

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