How do I get spot help if I don't have a Help key?

If you are not using WAVE with a Sun keyboard, use the \Ovalbox{\small\sf F1} key to open XView spot help for WAVE . If this doesn't work, you may need to use the `xmodmap' utility (a standard component of X11, usually found in the same directory as other X clients such as `xterm'). Try the following command:

	xmodmap -e "keysym F1 = Help"

If you are now able to use \Ovalbox{\small\sf F1} to open spot help, you may wish to include this command in your `.xinitrc' (a text file in your home directory; create it if it doesn't exist) so that spot help via \Ovalbox{\small\sf F1} is enabled whenever you log in.

If you are not using olwm or olvwm, spot help may not work properly; in particular, your window manager may pass incorrect information about which window is active when you invoke spot help. There is no general solution to this problem; try using olvwm or olwm, at least until you are familiar with WAVE 's controls.

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