Can I use WAVE if I don't run Linux or another Unix?

Why would you not want to run Linux or Unix? Any version of Linux or Unix, including Mac OS X, is a much better choice for research than any version of MS-Windows. See for an independent perspective on this issue. Linux can coexist on the same PC with MS-Windows if necessary.

The major obstacle to porting WAVE to other platforms is that the XView toolkit is needed for the user interface components of WAVE . XView is free software and can be ported to other platforms, but this task is not trivial.

Since late 2004 it has been possible to run WAVE on MS-Windows directly, using the free Cygwin POSIX emulation library and X11 server.

If you have any networked computer that can run X11R4 or a later version (this includes all current UNIX workstations, PCs, Macintoshes, and a variety of other systems), and access via network to another computer that can host WAVE (see above), you can run WAVE remotely (see the next question).

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