Obtaining and installing the current version of WAVE

Current sources for WAVE , and precompiled WAVE binaries for GNU/Linux or Mac OS X may be obtained from PhysioNet. Point your Web browser to http://physionet.org/ for details.

Note that WAVE cannot be run at all until the WFDB library (contained within the WFDB Software Package) and the XView libraries (libxview.so.3 and libolgx.so.3) have been installed. It is strongly recommended that you install the complete WFDB Software Package, since WAVE uses many of the applications included in this package. The W3C's libwww libraries, or the newer and more capable libcurl library, are optional but recommended; either libwww or libcurl is necessary if you wish to use WAVE to read data directly from web and FTP servers.

If you would like to try porting WAVE to another operating system for which X11 client support (Xlib) is available, please obtain the XView source distribution and attempt to port `cmdtool' (a simple terminal emulator included in the XView distribution) first. Compared to the original sources, the Linux/Mac OS X/MS-Windows version of XView (freely available from PhysioNet, metalab.unc.edu, www.rpmfind.net, and their mirrors, and also available on many low-cost Linux CD-ROM archives) is easier to port to another operating system, since many Sun-specific dependencies were removed.

George B. Moody (george@mit.edu)