Remote access requirements

Since any recently manufactured PC or Macintosh can act as a WAVE host, remote access to WAVE is likely to be of interest mainly to those seeking to use older hardware. For this purpose, virtually any local system (computer or X terminal) connected by TCP/IP-based Ethernet to a WAVE host can be used. (PPP, SLIP, or TERM serial-line connections also work, and may be acceptable for viewing data, but even fast serial connections are likely to be intolerably slow for extensive annotation editing.) Thus it is possible for several users to access WAVE simultaneously using a single WAVE host, provided only that each user's computer or terminal runs an X server. Free or inexpensive X servers are available for virtually any computer made in the last 20 years, including those running any version of UNIX, as well as for MS-DOS and MS-Windows PCs, Macintoshes, Amigas, and DEC VAXen running VMS.

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