Display calibration

Display calibration is performed by WAVE in several steps:

In general, it is not necessary to do anything to make WAVE display common signals at reasonable scales. If you have a previously undefined signal type, or you need to change the size of a particular type of signal relative to that of an ECG, however, simply edit a copy of the WFDB calibration file, reset WFDBCAL, and restart WAVE . (If you wish, you need not exit and restart WAVE ; instead, give the copy a different name, then change the Calibration file item in the Load window to match. Any changes are effective only when the signal window is redrawn.) See wfdbcal(5), in the WFDB Applications Guide, for details.

If the display calibration appears incorrect for all signals, the X server may be supplying incorrect information about the display size to WAVE . This problem can be diagnosed by setting the time and amplitude scales to their default values (nominally 25 mm/sec and 10 mm/mV), and displaying the default grid (0.5 mV x 0.2 s). If the grid intervals are not 5 mm in each direction, follow the procedure in ``How can I get correct display scales?''.

George B. Moody (george@mit.edu)