Saving your work

In a lengthy editing session, WAVE saves your annotation file periodically.

You can force WAVE to save your edits at any time by selecting the Save entry from the File menu. Once all of the changes have been saved, WAVE removes the parentheses from the title bar.

When you are finished, exit from WAVE as in the first exercise. It is not necessary to take any explicit action to save your edits, since WAVE does so automatically on any normal exit (via \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Quit~} on the main control panel, or from the window menu). You will find two new files in the current directory. The file called `100s.qrs' is the edited version of the annotation file that you have just created, and `100s.qrs~' is the previous version (in this case, containing the unedited annotations as produced by sqrs). At most one previous version is saved as a backup; if the original annotation file is not located in the current directory (i.e., if it was found elsewhere in the database path), it is left unchanged and WAVE does not create a separate backup file.

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