Changing many annotations at once

The usual method for changing annotations (clicking right or left to select the annotation to be changed, then clicking the middle button to perform the change) can become tedious if you have many annotations to change. WAVE offers a shortcut if you wish to change all annotations in a specified region in the same way. First, specify the region by inserting a `<' marker before the first annotation to be changed, and a `>' marker after the last annotation to be changed. Next, fill in the Annotation Template to indicate how you wish to change the annotations in the region. Finally, click left on \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Change all in range~}. (If the region includes any annotations that are not visible on-screen, WAVE prompts you to confirm that you wish to change them.) Try out this technique now. Insert the `<' marker at 0:15, the `>' marker at 0:30, and change all of the annotations in the region to type `V' (premature ventricular contraction). Inspect the results, then change them back to `N' annotations.

George B. Moody (