The `.' that appears when you delete an annotation is an example of a marker. The important difference between markers and annotations is that markers are never written to annotation files; they remain in WAVE 's annotation buffer only until WAVE reads another annotation file, or until you exit from WAVE , whichever comes first. Other types of markers are `:' (index marks, which you may insert anywhere in a record, and which you can return to by searching for them), `<' (beginning of region), and `>' (end of region). The `<' and `>' markers are special in that only one of each may be defined at any time; inserting a new one deletes the old one, if any. If the Analyze window is visible, you will notice that inserting or moving the `<' marker has the effect of changing the contents of the Start (elapsed) field (and the From field, if it is enabled); another way to insert a `<' marker is to enter the desired time directly into the Start (elapsed) field. The `>' marker is similarly coupled with the End (elapsed) field (and the To field) of the Analyze window.

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