Moving an annotation

Although no further editing should be necessary, try out the other editing operations now. To move an annotation, select it with the left or right button, drag its marker bars (with the left or right button still depressed) to the desired location, then release the mouse button to drop the annotation. The selection rectangle stays in the original location until the button is released, but the marker bars move with the pointer once the pointer moves outside of the rectangle. To move an annotation by less than the width of the rectangle, simply drag the pointer above or below the rectangle.

If you prefer, you may use the keyboard rather than the mouse for this operation. To do so, drag the marker bars left or right using \Ovalbox{\small\sf F3} or \Ovalbox{\small\sf F4}, and then drop the annotation using \Ovalbox{\small\sf F2}.

If you change your mind about moving an annotation, drag the pointer back into the selection rectangle, and then drop the annotation.

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