Keyboard equivalents for simple mouse actions

These actions can be used on any system. If you have a one- or two-button mouse, your X server should provide other methods for simulating middle and right button clicks; see the documentation for your X server for details.

\Ovalbox{\small\sf $\leftarrow$}
Simulate a left mouse button click.

\Ovalbox{\small\sf F2} (or \Ovalbox{\small\sf 5} on the numeric keypad)
Simulate a middle mouse button click.

\Ovalbox{\small\sf $\rightarrow$}
Simulate a right mouse button click.

To move the pointer left or right, use \Ovalbox{\small\sf F3} and \Ovalbox{\small\sf F4} (or \Ovalbox{\small\sf =} and \Ovalbox{\small\sf *} on the numeric keypad). To simulate a dragging action, press and hold \Ovalbox{\small\sf $\leftarrow$}, \Ovalbox{\small\sf F2}, or \Ovalbox{\small\sf $\rightarrow$}, use \Ovalbox{\small\sf F3} or \Ovalbox{\small\sf F4} to move the pointer to the desired location, then drop the selected annotation by releasing all keys.

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