Can WAVE scroll through a record without user intervention?

Yes. Create a log file that contains entries spaced at the desired intervals throughout the record. A suitable interval might be 10 seconds if that is the width of the signal window. Open the Log window, load the log file, and click on \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~\tt >>~} to start the scrolling. Adjust the delay between frames using the slider on the Log window.

Another way to review a record is via the scope window (accessible by clicking on \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Show scope window~} in WAVE 's Analyze window). Note that the scope display, since it is triggered by annotations, is of no use in detecting erroneously unannotated waveforms (false negatives), since such waveforms are simply not displayed in the scope window. The scope is useful for studying morphologic variation of waveforms, and for locating erroneously annotated waveforms (false positives).

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