Checking the environment and the sample record

In common with all programs built using the WFDB library, WAVE finds its input files in any of the directories specified by the WFDB path (the value of the WFDB environment variable, if set, or a compiled-in default path as given in the WFDB library source file wfdblib.h otherwise; see the discussion of the database path in the WFDB Programmer's Guide for details). Verify that the sample record is accessible on the WFDB path using the command ``wfdbwhich 100s.hea''. If the response begins with

    `100s.hea': not found
type the command needed to initialize the database environment (item 2 from the worksheet).

In this exercise, you will use WAVE to examine record 100s, a sample record containing one minute of annotated two-channel ECG. Record 100s is distributed with all versions of WAVE and should be available on any WAVE host. Check that it is available by typing

    rdsamp -r 100s -f 59.99; rdann -r 100s -a atr -f 59
The output should be
      21596    982     995
      21597    978     989
      21598    975     988
      21599    975     989
         0:59.508    21423     N    0    0    0
If you do not obtain this output, see your system administrator.

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