How can I undo an edit?

WAVE doesn't support a general mechanism for `undoing' edits. Once you move an annotation or change its attributes, you must manually restore its position and attributes. Deleted annotations can always be restored, however, by selecting the `phantom' annotation left behind (these are displayed with a `.' for the annotation mnemonic) and then `deleting' the phantom. This action restores the attributes of the original annotation, including the subtype, chan, num, and aux fields; if the annotation was moved, however, its original position (time field) is not restored.

WAVE is careful not to destroy the version of the annotation file that was current at the time WAVE loaded the record. WAVE always saves edited annotation files to the current directory (even if the original annotation file was loaded from another directory). WAVE 's saved annotation files are given names of the form `record.annotator'. If, by saving its output, WAVE would overwrite an existing file with the same name, WAVE first renames the existing file by appending a tilde (` ') to its name. Thus it is always possible to recover the state of the annotation file as it was before you began the most recent editing pass. To do so, exit WAVE , and:

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