Where are my annotations?

When you create a new set of annotations, if you have specified the annotator name in the Load window, WAVE saves your annotations in a new file with a name of the form record.annotator, in the current directory. When you edit an existing set of annotations, WAVE makes a copy of the annotation file containing your edits, gives it a name of the form record.annotator, and saves it in the current directory (i.e., whatever directory was current when you started WAVE ). To be able to read your edited copy in a later WAVE session, be sure that the directory that contains your edited copy is listed in your WFDB path before any other directory that contains an older version of the same annotation file. Usually, your WFDB path begins with `.', a synonym for the current directory. If this is the case, simply return to the directory that contains your edited annotation file before starting WAVE each time.

If you created an annotation file without specifying an annotator name, WAVE uses its own name as the annotator name, so you should look for a file named record.wave in this case.

Old versions of WAVE created annotation files with names of the form annotator.record; if you have any of these, rename them in order to continue using them with WAVE .

George B. Moody (george@mit.edu)