How can I change WAVE 's default scales or display colors?

The easiest way to make simple changes in WAVE 's default display parameters is by using the controls in the View window to configure the display to your liking. If you then click on \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Save as new defaults~} in the View window, your choices are recorded in your `.Xdefaults' file (in your home directory) and will be used for future WAVE sessions. (Be sure that you have made your changes effective by using \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Redraw~} before \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Save as new defaults~}.)

Colors are also determined by X resources that may be specified in your `.Xdefaults' file, but the View window does not include color controls. Read about color resources for guidance on setting display colors.

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