pNNx Distribution for Record 16265 of the MIT-BIH Normal Sinus Rhythm Database

In the figure below is plotted the pNNx distribution in percent vs. the NN interval increment in milliseconds. The Y-axis gives the percentage of NN interval increments greater than each given X-axis increment.

This figure was created using pNNx and plt, as follows:

   pNNx -r nsrdb/16265 -a atr >16265.pNNx
   ( plt 0 1 -xa 0 100 10 -ya 0 100 10 -t "pNNx for nsrdb/16265" \
        -x "NN Interval Increment (ms)" -y "pNNx (percent)" -T lw <16265.pNNx
     plt 0 1 -pS0 -X 0 100 -Y 0 100 -setxy -T lw <16265.pNNx ) | \
   lwcat -png >16265.pNNx.png

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