PhysioNet/CinC Challenge 2010: Test Sets

For this challenge, participants are provided with three data sets of 100 records each. Each ten-minute record contains 6, 7, or 8 signals acquired from bedside ICU patient monitors. The recorded signals vary across records, and they include ECG, continuous invasive blood pressure, respiration, fingertip plethysmograms, and occasional other signals. In one of these signals, the final 30-second segment (the target signal) has been replaced by a gap (a flat line signal), and the goal is to reconstruct this missing 30-second target signal in each record.

Records in all three Challenge data sets are provided in standard PhysioBank (compact binary) formats; read them using the WFDB software package, use the PhysioBank ATM to convert them to text, CSV, Matlab, or EDF formats, or see How to obtain PhysioBank data in text form for notes on other methods for converting them to text. The Set A files named with the suffix .missing are the target signals; these files are in text format.

The data sets, together with the target signals for Set A, are available via links in the directory listing below. To download them efficiently, use rsync as described here (retrieve the challenge-2010 "module"). For convenience, a tarball containing the full contents of all three data sets is also provided.

For additional information, see the Challenge 2010 home page.

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