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6.3 Commonly used parameters

Together with the above parameters in section 6.2, the following list may be helpful.

770     AST         [value1num]
781	BUN (6-20)  [value1num]
198	GCS         [Total]
828     Platelets   [value1num]
211     heartrate   [value1num]
813     Hematocrit  [value1num] 
20001   SAPS1       [value1num]
504 	PCWP        [value1num]

GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale. BUN = Blood Urea Nitrogen (also known as Urea or Urea nitrogen). SAPS1 indicates Simplified Acuity Score (version 1). PCWP = Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure (or simply `Wedge Pressure').

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