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5.3 FAQs about data access

  1. What methods can I use to access the MIMIC II database? There are 3 access methods for the MIMIC II Database: Oracle's SQL Developer, JDBC (16) and WFDB. In addition, complete database dumps are available for import into your local systems; such data can then be accessed in any desired method. Please see Chapter 3.1 for more details on data access methods.
  2. How do I gain access to the MIMIC II database? You will need to agree to and sign our data use agreement in order to gain access to the database. You will also have to fill out a short form detailing your plans for the data. Simply visit our website ( to apply for access and to obtain further information.
  3. Who can access the MIMIC II database? Anyone who wishes to perform research on the MIMIC II data will be permitted access to the database. Simply visit our website to apply.

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